Climate Smart




Catskill Creek and the Hudson River grace our village with their beautiful tree-lined banks and flowing waters. But as climate change raises water levels and makes weather patterns more volatile, we may be at risk of damaging floods.

  •  We can reduce this risk in two ways: by reducing Catskill’s contribution to climate change, and
  •  by increasing Catskill’s flood resilience.

 Through its Climate Smart Communities program, the State of New York is partnering with municipalities across the state to help reduce the risks of climate change. The Village of Catskill has been a Climate Smart Community since 2014, when our Board of Trustees adopted the Climate Smart Pledge. Our Climate Smart Task Force was formed in 2018 and is working to complete a variety of Climate Smart actions. Each action the Village completes earns us points toward bronze-level Climate Smart status. We hope to earn enough points to win bronze in 2023. Bronze status will qualify the Village for higher priority consideration when we apply for state grants.


Climate Smart actions the Village are taking.


 How you can help protect the Village from climate change