Code Enforcement & Planning

Michael Ragaini, Code Enforcement Officer

Code Office Secretary

Gil Bagnell-Planning Board Chairperson

Florence Fielman-Zoning Board of Appeals Chairperson


 FAQ: When must I apply for a permit?

You MUST apply for a permit.........

v     For ALL new buildings and structures.

v     For alterations and renovations to buildings and structures.

v     For garages and additions to buildings.

v     For renovations to kitchens and bathrooms.

v     To finish basements.

v     To install chimneys and wood burning and pellet stoves. 

v     To install fireplaces, including gas fireplaces.

v     For removal, change or closing of any stairway or required means of exit.

v     To remove or cut any beams or supports.

v     To cut away any wall or portion thereof; bearing walls.

      v     To install decks, patios and porches.

v     To install new and/or replace central heating and central air conditioning.

v     To install swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas.

v     To construct a fence or replace an existing fence and retaining walls.

v     To construct or replace a sidewalk, and/or curb cut.

v     To repair a roof and/or replace shingles, windows and siding.

v     Painting, windows, & siding in the Historic District.

v     For a storage shed over 144 square feet.